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Of all the traditional textiles created in Kerala, the world renowned Balaramapuram Handloom is symbolic of purity and elegance.

At kaitharikada.com, products are made from a 250 year old weave method is strictly adhered to, in which natural unbleached cotton threads are seasoned in vegetable extracts like rice starch, coconut oil, etc. to transform the fibre into unakkupaav. Such carefully nurtured fibres are then woven into Kasavu/Zeri sarees or offwhite natural coloured organic cotton sarees with golden border and tussells in breathtaking designs.

Every Keralite woman keeps atleast one kasavu saree across Malayali settlements all over the world. These sarees are well known for their natural colour, texture and feel.

Whatโ€™s unique at kaitharikada.com and showroom is that you can watch our weavers at work as they churn out these excluslive cotton sarees at the loom. You can also ask your choice colours and have sarees spun to your style and design.

We also have for you 100% organic unbleached cotton dothis/Balaramapuram Mund that are light and elegant. Other organic weaves includeย ย MundumNeriyathum, Pudava, Bath towels, Lungis,Shirts and Churidar Sets.

In this handloom weaving unit-cum-showroom and website, there are innumerable selections of silk and cotton handloom designer sarees. Our wedding saree collections are celestial.

Also you can order a customized wedding saree or pudava in pure zeri/kasavu โ€“ woven exclusively for you at no extra cost.

So, now at kaitharikada.com, you buy your costumes directly from the weaver. No middlemen, Everything under one roof โ€“ weaving and selling. Celebrate the handloom tradition.


One of the first steps to the most traditional Hand weaving methods practiced in Balaramapuram, Kerala, is to spin the thread onto a spindle which is later used on the Handloom as a weft.ย 

Click to watch Spinning A Wheel


The most authentic way of weaving in Balaramapuram is the Handloom traditional method. The video here is a short snippet from a loom at #kaitharikada showroom at Kovalam Trivandrum, Kerala (South of India).

The weaver in this video is making Mundu / Dhoti using Pure Natural Cotton.